Helping Companies Navigate Drug Development Challenges

Pre-clinical Safety to Proof-of-Concept

White Crow provides expert drug development advice to biotechnology companies. Working across a range of therapeutic indications (oncology, inflammation, autoimmunity, CNS, anti-infective, pain, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease) we help clients move compounds from Discovery through clinical proof-of-concept. White Crow employs pre-clinical safety/toxicology and biomarkers with extensive experience for advancing novel drugs. Our mission is to help companies navigate drug development challenges, optimize timelines, and avoid preventable delays.

The company name arose out of a childhood nickname for its founder. Visiting family in New Mexico a friend’s dad said Mike was clever, but mischievous like a crow. He also was amazed at how fast Mike sun burned, and so told him he could not be a black crow. He began calling Mike “White Crow”. He later told Mike that Native Americans believed all crows once were white, but then brought fire to humans. In the process they singed their feathers and ever since have been black.